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About Us
Europemart is an integrated one-stop European e-commerce platform providing a curated selection of local European department stores, high-end supermarkets, boutiques and luxury online fashion stores, with nearly 1 million high-end products and over 7000 brands.

The company's Europe headquarters is located at Geneva International Airport, Switzerland. Europemart operates an express international air transportation system with it's own independent customs clearance team. Rapid customs clearance is completed on same day as goods arrival, with 3 - 5 days international door-to-door delivery for regular as well as cold chain frozen products. Localised delivery takes place from 11:00 - 18:00 Monday to Sunday.

Europemart provides a high quality lifestyle service, giving customers an authentic European shopping experience. Product categories include fine food, maternal and child products, homeware and cosmetics, luxury products, fashion, sports equipment and much more. Each individual brand has their own unique quality, whether it's authentic dairy products, premium red wine and chocolates, high-end maternal and child products, tailored cosmetics or niche independent designer brands. At Europemart, customers can discover unique items or exclusive collections found nowhere else, shop all over Europe and experience an authentic high quality European lifestyle, all without leaving the comfort of their homes.